TorrentRex Torrent Search Engine

TorrentRex is a general torrent search engine free for all and free of ads, you although can check how you can help us keep this cause alive on our Supporters page. By general torrents we mean all the possible categories a torrent file can be. Currently, we are featuring 9 different torrent categories which will be described below.

What can i find and Download with TorrentRex

With TorrentRex you are able to access a very large database of torrent files. The categories you can find are the following. With TorrentRex you can access for free any torrent in our Database currently being one of the Largest still Active Torrent Database for the Year 2019.

Applications Torrents Indexing 1281441 Application torrents where you can find and download PC, macOS, Android and other OS applications free.
Games Torrents Indexing 451664 game torrents where you can find and download game torrents for Desktop (PC-Games & macOS Games) & other consoles such us PSX, Snes, N64, GameBoy and any other console that has available torrents.
Movies Torrents Indexing 2567869 movie torrents where can find free movie downloads for any movie on all the available qualities ranging from Cam Rips to BD-Rips and BR-Rips with the high definition video and top audio quality.
TV Torrents Indexing 1261312 tv-series torrents where you can find and download any Tv-Serie that's available on a torrent file and watch it for free.
Anime Torrents Indexing 388961 anime torrents ready to be downloaded and watched from all the Anime Fans.
Music Torrents Indexing 1430451 music torrents featuring singles, albums & other music collections.
eBook Torrents Indexing 532737 Ebook torrents free for download for all those that are looking to expand their knowledge set or even suggest it to someone else.
Other Torrents Indexing 534897 other torrents that don't belong to any of the categories above.

TorrentRex origin &

TorrentRex is a project that came from our previous torrent project TorrentKing was a meta torrent search engine that actually matched torrent files from the movie and tv-series categories to IMDb elements(movie or tv-episodes). The site was closed for a couple of reasons and it will be remade on our next series of projects.

Will be TorrentKing re-released?

Yes TorrentKing will come back under a different name on a later time with the same features it had and then some on top of them, although it will be released after the

Torrent Projects Information

Here is the List of all of the Torrent Projects we currently support or going to be released soon.

  1. - General Torrent Search Engine
  2. - Gaming Torrents Search Engine
  3. - Movie & Tv Series Torrent Search Engine

Goals & Torrent Future

The 1st original live version of TorrentRex, it's expected to be ready within the same year. Our goal is to create one of the largest and most comprehensive torrent database online. The end result of the database will be shared publicly for everyone. Probably will be stored on as "TorrentRex Database Dump".

Historical Details

TorrentRex Launched on 22/10/2019 the beta version with 9 different categories and a database of 9.977.315‬ torrents.