About us - TorrentRex

TorrentRex is a general torrent search engine free for all free of ads, you although check how you can help keep this cause alive. By general we mean all the possible categories a torrent file can be.

TorrentRex came from our previous torrent project Torrentking.eu which was a meta torrent search engine that actually matched torrent files from the movie and tv-series categories to IMDb elements(movie or tv-episodes). The site was closed for more check out the site with the original announcement.

TorrentRex Launched on 22/10/2019 the beta version with 9 different categories and a database of 9.977.315‬ torrents.

The 1st original live version of TorrentRex, it's expected to be ready within the same year. Our goal is to create one of the largest and most comprehensive torrent database online. The end result of the database will be shared publicly for everyone. Probably will be stored on archive.org as "TorrentRex Database Dump".